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Hello, hello! Two blog entries so far this month... I'm proud! I figured a beauty essentials post was needed, although I am keeping this first "essentials" post pretty simple with a selection of my four avorite items that relate a little more towards skin care rather than actual makeup products. Truth is, these products (well, half) have been essentials to me for YEARS! 

Murad Skincare

First up on the list is THAYERS Rose Petal Witch Hazel. The most obvious thing I love about this product? All of their witch hazel bottles have beautiful colors and designs! I love leaving this toner on my bathroom counter as a display for that reason and it also makes it easier to remember to apply the product in general. The witch hazel is made with  rose-petal water, Vitamin E and Witch Hazel extract. I am not a fan of original witch hazel specifically because the smell truly bothers me but this specific blend has a really nice scent to it. I apply it right after cleansing my face and before my moisturizer which really allows my skin to have a hydrated finish. You will also catch any residue of makeup doing so! 

Secondly, Murad Skin Care Hydrating Toner is basically the runner up with my witch hazel product. Although I have an oily T-zone, the rest of my skin tends to be rather dry. I always prefer to hydrate rather than mattify when it comes to my skin care routine. I switch up between Thayers and Murad but this specific packaging makes it very convenient since it's in a spray bottle. I use this exactly the same way, pre-moisturizer and post-cleanse.  I typically follow up with several other Murad skin care products, including the ultimate moisture moisturizer (another fave!). 

A simple product that I have worn for yeaaaaars! The Chanel Eau Tendre perfume is my signature scent. It has a delicate and light-weight fresh scent. It's perfect as a daily perfume because the smell isn't overpowering or extremely strong. As somebody who suffers from headaches/migraines that can be scent-related I really lean towards lighter finishes with my perfumes. The eau tendre also lasts the entire day/night which leaves me almost never having to touch up and spray more. 

Lastly! The Geo Soaprock is a beautiful soap I purchased months ago from Anthropologie. It is this gorgeous blend of a pinky-purple soap bar that mimics a amethyst rock. The blend of the soap is a 
cucumber ylang garden. They are vegetable-based and have  natural and organic extracts. This one truly smells so amazing! It's difficult to use since it is such a beautiful bar but it's hard to resist! There are other blends and finishes such as rose quarts, white opal, diamond and more. 

These are some of my favorites that I really wanted to highlight on our blog! Do you also consider any of these your favorites? If so, which ones? Let us know! 

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